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  Focused Portfolios
Focused portfolios is a practical way to accurately document children’s growth and development. Field tested across the country, this documentation method asks teachers to observe children in the natural context of teaching and providing care - not under an isolated microscope. Eight chapters outline the method – focusing on the four primary areas of development for teachers to document: Favorites, Friends, Family and Developmental Milestones. All necessary documentation charts, checklists and forms are included. Click here to order Focused Portfolios for your program.

Best Practices Inc provides training in Focused Portfolios. To find out about training in Focused Portfolios offered by Best Practices, Inc. click here.

Work Sampling System
Work Sampling Materials

Work Sampling Materials are ordered from Pearson Early Learning. Click here to order Work Sampling System Materials Online from Pearson Early Learning

For training and consultation options on the Work Sampling System by Best Practices Inc click here.

Wondows on Learning:
Documenting Children's Work

Judy Harris Helm, Sallee Beneke, and Kathy Steinmeimer Windows on Learning is an excellent companion to the Work Sampling System because it shows how developmental checklists and portfolios are used in real classrooms. The book presents an approach for thinking and communicating about documentation. Documentation was studied in a number of early childhood programs.The result is a framework, collection system, and display method that works in U.S. schools.
Methods are applicable to many different curriculum models, including thematic teaching and the project approach. Features extensive examples of children’s and teachers’ work. At the end of the book is the Mail Project, complete documentation of one project in an urban prekindergarten program.
Click here to order this book.

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