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Consultation on curriculum,
staff development and training

Consultation begins with school or childcare center administrators. Desired areas of concern or areas of change are identified. If desired introduction to a continuum of best practices can be presented to teachers and administrators to focus discussion. Goals are set. A plan is made for implementation. Services then provided may include needs assessment, onsite consultation, inservice training on a specific topic, minicourses or seminars, program design, building design, staff selection, or curriculum development.

Onsite Classroom Observations

Many programs have asked for onsite observations of classrooms and programs. This is an effective way to identify areas for growth or to generate solutions to a specfic problem. Programs that have been in existence for some time benefit from "seeing their program" through the eyes of someone who has seen many programs. Teachers especially enjoy onsite observations followed by debriefing and goal setting with the observer. Onsite observations with consultation is also a way to provide professional development when availability of substitutes or lack of training time away from children is an issue. To contact Dr. Helm about onsite observations click here and complete the email form.

Consultation on building design

To be effective, educational environments must be shaped and designed to meet the needs of the staff, children, and communities within them. School design is more productive when it is rooted in the unique characteristics of the children and families and matches the teaching styles, curriculum goals, and long range educational goals of the community for its children. There is, however, a wealth of helpful information available on effective classroom environments. The role of the architect is to design a school to implement the vision of the client. However, there is often no one on the staff that has the expertise to facilitate the development of a consensus about that vision or who has the time available to communicate that vision to an architect and assist with design decisions The role of the educational consultant is to assist the client in articulating the vision for the school so the educational vision of the teachers, staff, and community can be accurately translated and implemented in the building design. Even a few days of outside consultation can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of school design. To contact Dr. Helm about building design click here and complete the email form.

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