How different is Best Practices
training and consultation?
Best Practices training is practical
and classroom and center based.

Materials, equipment, strategies and resources that are recommended by Best Practices, Inc, have been tried out in real classrooms. Teachers and directors help in designing materials and in many of the training experiences. Follow-up training can be provided on site by a cadre of professionals who have "been there and done that" and in most cases, continue to do so.

Best Practices uses "best practices"
in the professional development process.

When learning a new skill, teachers deserve to learn in the most efficient and effective way possible for them to learn. This includes building an understandable theoretical background; involving teachers in goal setting; active, hands-on integration of new with existing knowledge and skills; and honest, open opportunities for feedback and interaction with a trainer who knows how to teach.

Best Practices trainers appreciate that learning new teaching skills is difficult.

Afternoon lectures and one-shot inservice develop awareness, but are ineffective for initiating and supporting change. Change occurs when there is support for new initiaitives from first awareness through implementation and there is time for reflection. Long term goals and strategies for support are provided.

Best Practices trainers know that teachers construct their own reality of teaching.

Teachers need opportunities to integrate their experiences and what works in their classrooms with what they are learning. We know that teachers have many skills and teaching styles and any new method or strategy must be integrated in a meaningful way with what is already happening in each classroom.

“Judy Harris Helm is a true teacher’s teacher.” Jean Harezlak, associate superintendent, Harlem School District

Ineffective inservice wastes teacher time and detracts from the growth of knowledge and skills of students. Teachers want understandable theoretical background; active, hands-on opportunities to integrate new with existing knowledge and skills; and honest, open interaction and feedback with a trainer who knows how to teach.

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