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Keynote Addresses

Keynote Address - Contegrity: Continuity and Integrity for Parents
Parents face many challenges today. There is an increasing emphasis on achievement. These demands include development of literacy and math skills early in life and an emphasis on competition. At the same time, information on the brain reminds us of the importance of integration of learning and a focus on meaningful learning experiences. As some parents demand back to basics, other parents are fearful that children are missing out on key experiences of childhood. What is it that children need to develop into successful human beings who find life worthwhile? In our quest to make children successful in the global marketplace are we losing sight of what it takes to make them happy? Are we doing what is best for children? This keynote is about continuity and integrity. What it is, where it is, and what we need to do to get it and keep it. This keynote is a humorous look at what we do with children as parents at the same time that it presents a hard hitting confrontation about what we ought to be doing and maybe aren't. The speech ends with an inspiring and upbeat multi-media closing "There's A Place for Us." The multi-media presentation can be adapted using photos from the hosting organization.

Keynote Address- Brain Development for Parents: What’s Hype? What’s Real?

If you have heard about the brain studies but have trouble understanding what this means for you and your children; this keynote is for you. Dr. Judy Harris Helm shares the most powerful insights into the brain in a way anyone can understand and apply it. She briefly shares what is happening in latest brain research and ties it to implications in three areas: how we handle the early years, the effect of emotion on learning and development, and how the brain learns and the implications for teaching. This keynote helps everyone understand how to do a better job of helping children be smart. Teachers will never look at students and learning in the same way. Click here for coordinating breakout workshops

Keynote Address – How Parents Support (or Fail to Support) Intellectual Development of Their Children

What is intellectual development? What makes children smart? What can we do to support children’s ability to think in meaningful ways? This keynote challenges parents to think beyond basic academic skills to the development of skills such as observing, predicting, and hypothesizing. How can we support our children in the development of abilities to think creatively and to solve problems? What dispositions, habits of mind, do we want to strengthen in our children so that they become successful adults and live satisfying intellectual lives?

Follow-Up Workshops

BD 4: A Parent's Introduction to Brain Development
Audience: Parents and Parent Educators
1 1/2 to 2 hours

This one to two hour introduction to brain development helps parents understand the important contributions that they make to the development of their child's intellect. Emphasis is on helping parents become good consumers of information about the brain - how to sort the hype from what is helpful - and to provide practical ideas for families. (This workshop includes materials and resources that enable parent educators to replicate the workshop in their own programs.)

PA 8: Teaching Parents How to Use the Project Approach at Home

Audience: Parent educators, family education specialists, principals, directors, and teachers
One Day Training or 1 1/2 hour overview
The Project Approach can help parents foster meaningful learning in the home. Participants will learn how to teach parents to use the project approach in family life including how parents can provide space, time and materials for project work, how to guide an investigation, and how to celebrate the project work. Participants view projects facilitated by parents in their homes when workshops were conducted in Head Start, an at risk prekindergarten, a bilingual program, and a Reggio inspired private preschool.
One Day

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