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  Training On Standards and Integrated Learning

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Training on Standards and Integrated Teaching

IL 1 Deciding What to Teach: Standards and the Building of Academic Concepts
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators, of prekindergarten through primary grades

One-day (this workshop is a good introduction to Integrating Standards in Engaged Teaching or to Project Approach Workshops)

Is it really time to paint apples again? This full day of training provides an opportunity for staff to reflect on the status of curriculum in their programs. It begins with what research tells us about learning in these years, looks at the role of tradition, the movement towards standards for early childhood curriculum, the effect of time and money constraints, and the role of engagement in learning experiences. Staff will learn what thematic units or projects enhance conceptual learning and school achievement. Participants complete a self-assessment of engaged learning in their classroom.

IL 2 Integrating Standards into Engaged Learning Experiences
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators, of prekindergarten through primary grades

This workshop provides practical strategies for integrating standards and IEP goals into engaged learning experiences without overwhelming children with too much time in direct instruction. Topics include identifying the core competencies you need to teach, the importance of Ceiling Work and Teaching on the Fly, documenting standards and teaching in the natural process of teaching in an early childhood classroom, planning thematic units and instructional conversations.

IL 3: Supporting Children's Development through Play
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators, of prekindergarten and kindergarten
One day

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