Best Practices Workshops
Best Practices Inc and Judy Harris Helm Provide Training On Documentation and Communication

DOC 1: An Introduction to Documenting Young Children's Work
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators of toddler through primary grades
One Day

Teachers, like those in the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, can show the value of active, engaged learning. This workshop introduces teachers and other staff to the types of documentation and how teachers can collect, analyze and display children's work. Three windows are used to explain documentation and why we do it. A "Types of Documentation Web" helps teachers think about the many ways to document.

DOC 2: Building Windows on Learning
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators of toddler elementary grades
One Day

This session provides practical advice of planning, preparing, and documenting children's work. Topics include strategies for collecting, journaling, photographing, and videotaping. A variety of ways to analyze and share documentation within the program, with parents and the community at large are included. Emphasis is on practical documentation to inform teaching and to communicate with others

DOC 3: What we can learn about display from museums
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators of toddler elementary grades
One Day

Display of children's work is both an art and science. There is much that we have learned from studying displays in museums and the work of professional designers. This workshop provides an in-depth look at selecting what to share, organizing materials, layout for displays, and several different methods to produce professional, effective displays that don't require graphic artist skills. Emphasis is on practical, time saving ways to make the use of documentation displays practical.

DOC 4: Opening the Windows: Using Documenation as a Communication Tool to Show How Children Are Learning in Your Program
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators of toddler elementary grades
One Day

Children's work can be a powerful tool for communicating what children are learning in your program. Documentation can help you meet the demands of accountability, educate your community to the value of active, engaged learning experiences and enhance the respect of others for your staff and your program. So many of the ways you communicate (newsletters, displays, notes home, websites, etc.) can be enhanced by the strategic use of children's work. This workshop introduces techniques of professional communicators and how to use children's work in strategic ways to help you meet your goals.

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