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Books and Videos on Documenting Children's Learning
Windows on Learning: Documenting Young Children's Work
Judy Harris Helm, Sallee Beneke, and Kathy Steinmeimer At the end of this book is the Mail Project, complete documentation of one project in an urban prekindergarten program. The book decribes the documentation process. Documentation was studied in a number of early childhood programs.The result is a framework, collection system, and display method that works in U.S. schools.
Methods are applicable to many different curriculum models, including thematic teaching and the project approach. Features extensive examples of children’s and teachers’ work.

Windows on Learning is also available in Chinese and Korean. Click here to request information on how to obtain these translations

Windows On Learning: A Framework For Making Decisions Video
Featuring Judy Harris Helm, Sallee Beneke and classroom teacher Kathy SteinheimerBased on the work described in Windows on Learning, this 20-minute video shows documentation in action in the Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Education in Peoria, Illinois, an urban early childhood program for children ages 6 weeks through first grade. Produced by STARNET, Western Illinois University.Click here to order this video from Teachers College Press

Teacher Materials for Documenting Children's Work
This supplement to Windows on Learning: Documenting Young Children's Work provides shortcuts, handouts, and forms that can be photocopied and used for collection, analysis, and display. There are suggestions for layouts for displays, information on taking photographs and videotaping, and forms for analysis of documentation.

Teacher Materials is also available in Chinese. Click here to request information on how to obtain this translation.

Recommended Articles and Links on Documentation
ERIC Digest on Documentation

Katz, L. G., & Chard, S. C., (1996).
The contribution of documentation to the quality of early childhood education. Champaign, IL: ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education.

This digest summarizes contributions to documentation including:
1. Enhancement of children's learning
2. Taking children's ideas and work seriously
3. Teacher planning and evaluation
4. Parent appreciation and participation
5. Teacher research and process awareness
6. Children's learning made visible
Click here to read or print this digest

Experiencing Documentation

This article describes an exhibit on a turtle project that showed two different types of display: a traditional bulletin board and a documentation panel. The description of the documentation panel lists appropriate items to include that make the documentation panel more meaningful to viewers than the traditional bulletin board. Click here to read and print this article.

Lift Them High!

Remarks by Judy Harris Helm at the occasion of the opening of the Power of Documentation Exhibit at Chicago Children's Museum, November 4, 2003. Click here to read the text of the remarks.

The Power of Documentation: Children's Learning Revealed Exhibit

This exhibit debuted at the Chicago Children's Museum, November 4 - 9, 2003. It will be available soon in Chicago area for extended viewing and then will travel. It provides examples of children's work documented and displayed in a variety of ways. Click here to find out about the exhibit.

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