A book for parents on doing projects at home with their own children.
  Teaching Your Child to Love Learning:
A Guide to Projects at Home

Authors: Judy Harris Helm, Stacy Berg, and Pam Scranton

Publisher: Teachers College Press, Columiba University, New York, NY.

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Text from back cover:
Do you want to raise children who love to learn? Maybe you are simply looking for a way to unplug your child from the TV or video games? Just by reading this book, you will be taking a proactive step in providing your child with meaningful experiences that will result in growth and plenty of family fun!

The “project approach” has long been a tremendous tool for educators working with young children. In this book, three experienced teachers show parents, grandparents, and other caregivers how to do meaningful and exciting projects in their home and community.
Featuring many photos of children doing project work, this volume:

• Thoroughly explains the benefits to both you and your child of doing projects together.

• Helps you transform your home into a place to learn, including guidance for collecting and storing materials, making time for projects, and documenting your child’s work.

• Presents the stories of seven projects that were done by children with the support of a parent or grandparent s: Maude the Dog Project, Slime Project, Caterpillar Project, Race Car Project, Mexican Bakery Project, Horse Project, and Bus Project.

• Shows appropriate expectations and how to coach and build your child’s skills in reading and writing, mathematical development, scientific thinking, and more.

• Provides ideas for adapting the project approach for use in family daycare centers, home schooling, and gifted education.

Praise for this Book:

"This is a wonderful introduction and primer to the world of the Project Approach. All of the chapters are packed with information and the things that we parents need to know. The examples of projects are absolutely golden."""
—Kristine Konrad, home-schooling parent

"As the father of a curious three-year-old, I found the concepts and ideas in this book to be terrific. It will appeal to anyone who has a child in their life and is open to the idea of spending time learning together."
—Thomas Goodheart, parent

Author Bios

Judy Harris Helm owns her own educational consulting company and is a bestselling author of numerous books on early childhood education and the mother of two grown girls who thrived on project work

Stacy Berg is Director of the Northminster Learning Center and the mother of a preschooler, an infant and a kindergartener

Pam Scranton is Educational Coordinator for Northminster Learning Center and the mother of a teenager and two elementary school age boys.

Audience: Parents of toddlers–second grade, grandparents, caregivers, homeschoolers, and family day care providers.

In addition to the book for parents, a Training Manual with CD for parent workshops, home visitor programs, library programs and book study groups is now available. It includes agendas, discussion ideas, group activities, and PowerPoint presentations on projects by diverse families. Handouts are included in Spanish. Click here to read about this new resource and find out how to order.

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