Best Practices Workshops
Best Practices Inc and Judy Harris Helm Provide Training on Language and Literacy

LIT 1: Starting Out Right in Literacy
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators of preschool, prekindergarten, childcare and kindergarten
Short workshop for conference presentations

Does brain research provide insight into literacy experiences for prekindergarten and kindergarten? What are phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and concepts of print? What are developmentally appropriate preliteracy experiences for young children? Are we providing what children in our prekindergarten and kindergarten classrooms need to enable them to learn to read? This workshop moves from the why, to the what, to the how on early literacy experiences.

LIT 2: Preventing Reading Failure through Early Language and Literacy Experiences
Audience: Teachers, Associate Teachers, Administrators of preschool, prekindergarten and childcare

This workshop based on the National Research Councilís report on Preventing Reading Failure is designed to prepare teachers of prekindergarten, Head Start, and childcare programs that provide services to children ages zero through four years. It provides an overview of the critical experiences necessary in the early years for children to learn to read well. Both theoretical background and how to strategies are shared with hands-on participation by teacher participants. Topics include language development and vocabulary building, phonological awareness and phonemic awareness, early letter and word recognition and the disposition to read and write.
All activities and recommendations are developmentally appropriate for the age level of the child. This two-day workshop introduces concepts, provides opportunities to practice competencies, and to plan for introduction of concepts into schedule and year plans.

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