Our Door Opens Again Friday,May 6, 2011

A Day to Observe, Reflect, and Implement

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Events in Your Day at Open Door

Your Morning
The morning includes presentations, observations in classrooms, and the viewing of documentation.

8:00              Notebook and Nametag Pickup
8:30              Welcome, Orientation, Overview
9:30&10:30    Participants are split into two groups, each group will attend a morning session and observe in classrooms
                     Classroom Observations then a choice of these two sessions:
                            Project Work at Northminster, Pam Scranton, M.Ed., Educational Coordinator
NLC Nature Explore Classroom, Stacy Berg, M.Ed., Executive Director
11:30             Documentation, Judy Harris Helm, Ed.D.

12:00              Lunch

Your Afternoon

In the afternoon, school will not be in session so you can freely explore and photograph the environment including   classrooms, the Nature Explore Classroom, Discovery Plaza, and the atelier (studio). Participants select two seminar topics for the afternoon. Optional activities also include visiting the resources room, viewing videos on projects and the schools of Reggio Emilia, and studying documentation. 

1:00                Seminar Session 1 (choose one of six)
2:00                     Break
2:15                Seminar Session 2 (choose one of six)
3:15                     Break
3:30                Parent Panel
3:45                Open Questions and Discussion
4:15                Our Day Ends

Seminars are presented in two Sessions. Participants choose one seminar from each session. Choices are made during registration. Early registrants are more likely to get first choice.

Session One (Choose One)

"Environment as the Third Teacher" Want to bloom where you are planted? Come see how we transformed our shared spaces into Reggio-inspired classrooms. Hear strategies for incorporating economically friendly materials to design your space. (Lora Taylor)
 "Conversations and Reflections for Administrators" Come interact with other administrators and share strategies for supporting early childhood staff in implementing best practices. (Stacy Berg)
"Last Child in the Woods: How a Book Study Impacted Practice" How do you fit a book study into the busy life of your staff? Hear strategies for leading teachers and parents through a book study. View documentation that originated from book studies here at Northminster! (Pam Scranton)
"Connecting Children with Nature: Why and What Works?" Why is it so important for children to be outside? Why the big push towards nature? Hear compelling research that explains the connections between children and the natural environment. It will change the way you think about your playground! (Judy Harris Helm)
"Learning the Language of the Woods: A Toddler Project" Can toddlers do projects? Hear strategies for engaging toddlers in project work. View documentation of the Woods Project and interact with an expert in the field of toddler projects as she shares her secrets! (Mary Ann Gottlieb)
"Ready to Read: Literacy in Kindergarten" Come hear how one teacher integrates language into every aspect of the day. Hear strategies for making the reading and writing meaningful and purposeful for five and six year-old children. View examples of how our children use language every day as they play! (Becky Nau)
Session Two (Choose One)
"The Recycling Project" Hear the story of how a group of kindergarteners responded to Earth Day! View their documentation as they investigated recycling and learn strategies for preparing children for field site work. (Ashley Henderson)
"Bringing the Outside In: Connecting Science & Nature" How do you inspire curiosity about the natural world? How can you bring a snowy day inside? Learn strategies for bringing nature into your classroom and supporting children as they discover the natural world! (Lora Taylor & Stephanie Martinek)
"Get Them Outside: Lessons Learned from Trail Tuesdays" Come see how teachers implemented ideas born from a book study! View documentation collected as their children explored the woods and learn strategies for teaching in an outdoor environment. (Michelle Fernandes & Jessica Stanton)
"Nurturing a Child’s Spirit" Learn how teachers incorporate faith into the daily life of the classroom. Participate in a Godly Play session and view documentation on best practices in faith-based early childhood education. (Pam Scranton)
"After School Adventures: Discovering the Woods" Learn how a group of energetic teachers supported primary -aged children as they explored the woods. Hear strategies for working with primary children and incorporating project work in an after school program. (Erica Clarno & Stacy Berg)
"Capturing the Learning: Documentation Strategies" Learn about techniques for encouraging staff to increase their documentation skills. Hear strategies for studying documentation in your program and participate in the "fish bowl" documentation study! (Judy Harris Helm)

What past participants say about Open Door

 "I liked observing in the classrooms.Talking with peers. Hearing parents point of view."

 "I really liked the opportunity to observe the classrooms both in/out of session. Theory into practice?"

The Open Door Journal 
Registration includes the Open Door Journal, a complete description of the program including forms for lesson planning, photographs, diagrams for making equipment, handouts for all presentations, and journal pages. Comments from past participants about the Open Door Journal. 

"The book is excellent! The best I've ever gotten anywhere at any training ever; Loved the drawings by Joe!"


"I loved everything!! It was well done. A lot of information covered but not in a hurried rigid pace. I appreciate the time to observe and being able to take photos of materials."
"Almost too pretty to write in but I did anyway!"
 "Excellent. Has lots of information for me to share with my co-workers."
"The comprehensive notebook!  You really thought of all the information teachers would want to know. Thanks!"
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8:00        Notebook and Nametag Pickup
8:30        Welcome, Orientation, Overview

9:30/      Participants will be split into two groups.  Each 10:30      group will attend a morning session and              observe in the classrooms.

             Classrooms Observations and Morning Sessions

             Project Work at Northminster, Pam Scranton M.Ed.                 NLC Nature Explore Classroom, Stacy Berg, M.Ed.

11:30      Documentation, Judy Harris Helm, Ed.D.

12:00      Lunch

1:00        Seminar Session 1 (choose one of six)

2:00        BREAK

2:15        Seminar Session 2  (choose one of six)

3:15        Break

3:30  Parent Panel

3:45  Open Questions & Discussion

4:15  Our Day Ends

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