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We have listed our favorite resources on important topics. There are many wonderful books and websites on these topics and we do not claim to have read them all, BUT we do know what has been helpful to us, what we go to again and again. They are here for your easy access. On the resource pages for each topic, we have linked to when possible. If Amazon does not carry it, we have linked to other access points.

Best Practices Inc is an associate of so you can immediately order any resources we have selected. This is convenient for you. We receive a small percentage for referrals and this enables us to keep this resource area open. We accept no advertising and will not pass on, sell, or in any way provide access to your personal information. Click on the following topics to see books and resources related to each topic and recommended by Judy Harris Helm.

Books and resources by Judy Harris Helm & co-authors

Assessment Materials including Work Sampling and Focused Portfolios

Documenting children's learning

Brain Development Resources

Books and resources about Early Literacy

Early Childhood Education Books and Resources.

Project Approach Resources

Books and resources about the schools of Reggio Emilia

Books and resources about Standards in Early Childhood Education

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